General Information

XP x3
SP x3
Adena x2
Spoil x2
Drop x2
Epic Boss Drop x1
Raid Boss Drop x1

Maximum accounts PC : 3.
Adrenaline bot totally prohibited. NO SECOND CHANCE.

Balanced economy.

• One of our goals is to provide you with the most balanced economy.
• So we have reworked certain drop rates and chances to have the most balanced market.


• One of the main features of this chronicle is the confort with provides you with. From character development to a easy to use interface and game mechanics such as Auto-farm, buffer and much more elements wich will be all explained on this wiki.
• The game is designed to not be hard but also not easy to guarantee a long and healthy life time.

Costume system
Costume General settings;

• Costume provide stats, passives or active skills (Special Abillities will be added later)
• Duration of effect; 60 minutes.
• Reuse delay : 180 minutes.
• Costumes do not replace your armor.
• Every time you use a costume it requieres "Magic Powder" wich you can buy in NPC: Pona
• You can disable in Options the visualization of costumes if you dont like to see them in-game.

How to obtain a Costume?
By daily hunting missions . You will obtain after completing daily hunting mission 1 Costume Sealbook Fragment. Once you have 10 of them you can exhange them on NPC Pona (Giran town, close to luxury shop) for 1 Costume Sealbook : Random. Wich will give you a random skin.
You can also direclty buy the Costume Sealbook on Donation Shop for 800 L-Coins.

How to trade costumes with other players?
In case you would like to trade your costume for other with other player or sell it, you just need to use the "Extract system". Select the desired costume, click on "Extract" and you will convert it in a Sealbook.

Extract has 100% succes rate.
Extract Requieres ; Costume Extract Scrolls (Wich you can buy on NPC: Pona) and Adena.

Additional information
For confort you can always drag any Costume in the skill bar and you will be able to use the costume from the Interface without need to open the menu again.

Types of Costumes.
There exist 5 different types of the same costume; as higher the type is, cooler your animation will be and better boost of stats you will get!.
• Standard
• Advanced
• Rare
• Legendary
• Mhytic

How to evolve a Costumes to a better type?
In the costume menu, you select the Costume you want to evolve and click on evolve.
You will need certain amount of same type of Costume.

• To evolve from Standard to Advanced you will need 10 Standard type costumes.
• To evolve from Advanced to Rare you will need 10 Advanced type costumes.
• To evolve from Rare to Legendary you will need 6 Rare type costumes.
• To evolve from Legendary to Mhytic you will need 3 Legendary type costumes.

Godess Blessing - Buff System
General Information

How does buffer works?

Players receive 14 buffs from Buffer NPC "Goddess Blessing" in every town.
Level of buffs received depending on average character's level of the server.
The average character's level of the server is updated every day at 6:30 AM.

Buffer Fee;

Goddess Blessing is free for characters below level 40.
For characters level 40+ each buff of Goddess of Blessing has an 1320 adena fee up to a maximum of 18480 adena fee (14 buffs). Refill effect time without fee.

Available buff's (60 minutes duration);

Vampiric Rage, Might, Shield, Acumen, Empower, Focus, Haste, M.Barrier, D.Whisper, W.Magic, Wind Walk, Berserker Spirit, G.Shield, G.Might, B.Soul , B.Body, Clarity, Agility, B.Shield, A.Block, Guidance, R.Shock, Mental Shield, Song of Vitality, Earth, Water, Warding, Wind, Hunter, Invocation. Dance of Warrior, Mystic, Fire, Fury, Concentration, Inspiration, HP Regen, Mp Regen

Display of icons depend on Race but effects are the same (Just visual)

Dark Elfs ; Elfs and Humans
RaidBosses and Epic information.

RaidBoss information

For balance the game, economy and life-time of our server we have implemented the Riadboss from Taiwan Classic version.

• Raidbosses will have Barrier .
• Removed 'Raid Curse' from Raidbosses if your character have higher level than Raidboss by 8 or more..
• All RaidBosses above 65 Lv will spawn at 21:00 GMT+2.

Raidboss killing Rewards (Character must be at least at 2500 range when Raidboss is defeated);

• EXP and SP are now shared between all raid participants, even if only one hit was dealt.
• After the death of the Raid Boss, each Raid Participant receive a Blessing of Giant buff - PVE damage bonus +10%, XP/SP/DROP bonus +10% (60 minutes)
• Each Raid participant receives a chest with fragments of the agathion's soul and an Experience Scroll x2. Fragments of The Agathions Soul can be exchanged for the Agathion Soul of the desired rank, as soon as you collect the necessary amount of the Exchange. NPC Pona in Giran Town can help you with that.

Last hit reward (for character dealing the last (deadly) blow)

Party Cube (Event) for 7d: Double click to obtain one of the items: XP growth Scroll (3pcs.), Dandy's Golden Ball (3pcs.), Soulshot ticket (30 pcs.), Combat Scroll (5pcs.)

Best Damage reward (for character with best damage on RB)

Special Dragon Fruit (5pcs).

Epic Bosses respawn time.

• Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday - Queen Ant at 22:00 GMT+2.
• Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday - Core at 23:00 GMT+2.
• Monday, Wednesday, Friday - Orfen at 22:00 GMT+2
• Monday, Wednesday, Friday - Zaken at 23:00 GMT+2
• Friday - Baium at 23:00 GMT +2
• Sunday - Antharas at 23:00 GMT+2

Damaged Jewlery System

A special system for obtaining fragments of epic jewlery.
After defeating a epic raid boss, (Queen Ant, Core, Orfen,Baium, Antharas, Zaken) NPC Rash will appear. He will help you to get Special Supply Chest - Rah's Supplies that contains Damaged version of jewelry and by chance;
• Balthus Knight's Varnish
• Balthus Knigh's Shinning Varnish
• Balthus Knight's Glittering Varnish

With the Help of Knight's Varnish, you can imprive this jewlels from 0 to +10 depending on the leve of improvement, possitive effects can be felt.

General olympiad information.

• Olympiad system: classic-like without full buff.
• Matches days: from Monday to Saturday.
• Olympiad duration: Weekly heroes.
• Olympiad time: From 23:30 to 00:30 GMT+2
• Maximum matches: 5 per day
• No Hero weapons will be rewarded. Only skills.
• Class games: Disabled.
• Maximum accounts/hwid: 1

More info on forum.
General Siege information.

• Siege are held every Sunday from 22.00 GMT+2.
• Siege preparation time is from 20:00 GMT+2
• Siege duration 1 hour
• Clans of Lv.3 or higher can apply for siege participation during the siege preparation.

• Characters can’t move through each other during the siege;
• Ally characters can involuntarily attack each other (members/mercenaries of the same clan);
• Death during a siege does not cause experience loss penalty;
• If a siege participant dies (except members of a clan defending the castle) he can be revived in a special area;
• A player can use “Teleport” and “My Teleports” during the siege;
• Clan skills “Imprint of Light” and “Imprint of Darkness” were combined into one skill “Seal of Ruler”;
• “Seal of Ruler” reuse time is 2 minutes.

Mercenary system

Now players can join a siege as a mercenary; Each clan registered for attack or defence can recruit mercenaries. To recruit mercenaries click on “Choose mercenaries” button in the siege information screen; A clan cannot refuse to those who want to become mercenaries. If there are any requests from players to participate in a siege, a clan cannot deny registration for attacking or defending the castle. Mercenaries recruitment rules: • Lv. 65 and higher. • Member of a clan not registered for attacking or defending the castle. • Non-Clan member character. • If a character’s clan is at war with a clan sieging the castle this character cannot take part in siege as a mercenary.

To become a mercenary a player should click on “List of Mercenaries” icon in the siege information screen and choose a clan he wants to fight for;
As soon as request for a siege is submitted:

• Character’s name changes to '***-number', for example: ***-001.
• Clan membership temporarily changes.
• Clan/alliance/party channel/heroes channel/private messages chat is blocked.
• Hiring as a mercenary is cancelled if a character’s clan registers for a siege or defence.

A mercenary can be invited to a party by choosing his character;
After the siege is over the party with a mercenary is disbanded;
A character hired by another clan cannot be invited to a party.
Effect for highlighting a sign of attacking and defending leaders in Siege Zone has been added.
Badges size of clan members and mercenaries is smaller than leader’s badge size;
When a clan leader or an ordinary clan member is typing a message in a chat a special icon indicating clan membership appears;
A character receives a part of tax collected during a week between sieges as a reward for fighting as a mercenary and active participation in a sieg
Mercenary character receives a reward only in case a clan hired him won the siege.


A clan leader with the help of Chamberlain can impose a tax from 0% to 30%;
A changed tax rate takes effect at midnight the next day;
All the merchants in the castle are assigned to Giran and all the collected taxes are sent to Giran;
Collected taxes are temporarily stored and are sent to the castle's treasury right after the siege.

Clan information.
General clan information.

Maximum level of clan; 5.
Maximum members ; 100.
Time to change leader; Instantantly without restart needed.
Penalty for leave clan ; 24h.
Penalty for dispell clan member; none.
Farm zones
All farm zones are exaclty like Classic drops, mobs, stats. But we've reworked some to give players a more confortable experience.


To a confortable character development for solo-players we've imported the solo-farm system from essence and reworked certain areas to have a confortable experience while farming.

Mobs AI reworked;
• No agression.
• No Social.

Reworked zones;

• Abandoned Camp - Gludin - Lv 21+
• Gorgon Flower Garden - Giran - Lv 31+
• Death Pass - Giran - Lv 35+
• Sea of Spores - Oren - Lv 40+
• Cruma Tower - Dion - Lv 40+
• Cementery - Aden - 50+
• Fields of Massacre - Aden - Lv 55+
• Plains of Glory - Aden - Lv 60+
• War-Torn plains - Aden - Lv 67+

L-Coins and L-Store

L-Coins are a new currency.
They can be used for buy various items in the L-Coin Store.

How can I get L-coins?
There is a chance to recieve L-Coins while hunting monsters.
Only predefined amount of L-Coins can be obtained daily depending on the character's level (reset at 6:30 am)
• Lv 1-40 can obtain 160 daily L-Coins.
• Lv 41+ can obtain 300 daily L-Coins.

We took the time and the dedication to elaborate some usefull guides for you;
Newbie / Begginner - [Guide].
Equipment Upgrade System.
Item Enchanthing.
Talisman Guide.